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tracks 2, 5, 9, 11, and 14 from Kitten Paw Recordings!
The rest are from us!

album art done by: Victor Vs

(KOF 235)


released April 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Kitty On Fire Records Vancouver, British Columbia

Nintendocore, (POST)-cybergrind, Digital Hardcore, Sad Laptops, Anime, Breakcore, Cuttie Violence, Electrogore, Experimental, Glitch, IDM, Praise Lain, NOISE(core), Sad Laptops, Cyber Ethics, and low-tech hard copies

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Track Name: Corvid Canine - Shallow Self Pity
Muddy, dusty, ripped up doll
Use me, abuse me, toss me away
Untouchable, but fuckable
Low hanging fruit for all to suck

I’m confident, I’m confident
I’ll tell myself until I believe it
Being convinced
Does not call into existence

Impractical, a novelty
Luxurious curiosity
A charmed life of solitude
Existence fit only for garbage

I don’t feel sorry for myself
Track Name: Morbidly A Beast - Narcoleptic Insomniac
Sitting at my desk fantasizing about how I'd like to be spending these minutes passing me by Each second is another one wasted and every second brings me closer to when I die I do what I can but we'll just see if it's enough to get me through the week I can't sleep and I can't wake up I need something more than caffeine because I'm constantly fighting against sleep I want to be screaming to be growling but I feel as though I'm drowning I am reaching I am shouting as my vision starts to blur There aren't enough hours in the day There aren't enough hours in my life Every day feels like another mistake, I'm in perpetual motion doomed to never rest Doomed to work myself to death Give me a quiet place to sit, just me and my tools and the darkness Illuminated by the reds and greens of electricity A razor blade and a fuel tank, a lighter eager to start a blaze Hardware, technology, and wires never cease to amaze
Track Name: Unicorn Hole - Gonezel Washington
holy shit, has it really been seven years?
actually it's been pretty damn close to eight
i realize that not every moment's been great
and now like jesus i must leave for time i can't discern
but i swear unlike jesus that i'll actually return

it's just that i have got a billion things to do
dozens of games unplayed, and crazy rubik's cubes
my live band and girlfrand require attention too
plus making my own games to be played by losers like you

so i need you to hold your unicorns for just a bit
let me finish some shit, so that i can commit
what lies ahead will be my greatist stuff, you'll see
so while i'm gone baybee, don't you dare forget me!

the shits i've shat have got nothing on what's in store
deep in my uhole i've got so much more
yall just ain't ready so i'll have to wait a spell
and when i'm back your hearts and dicks will swell

so don't cry, uhole's future is brighter than the sun
shit's looking up- like aeschylus should have done
but tomorrow only exists in the form of today
so let's 180 and check out all the shit i've done along the way

i hate to gloat but i totes wrote a boat loada notes
feel free to quote the prime rhymes climbin out my throat
if ya tried to hear one of my songs per year it's clear
you'd disappear before ya'd ever veer near here
i got well over a hundred, son did ya hear me?
it's been fun kid, now run kid, fear me!
quantity, and even quality too
unlike gramma i put out, and it's good when i do

but the only constant is constantly on my mind
proud as i am of the midigrind i'll leave behind
i just wanna try new things. i don't mean like in the butt
if you keep an ear to the ground then you'll know exactly what
it's nothing in my butt.

when i'm gone, and you feel all alone
let it be known, that you have not been disowned
just look up to the moon, let its light shine down to you
and know that wherever i am, i've got something better to do
plus it's cold as shit tonight. you should probably be inside
you're not even wearing a coat. come on man. you’re acting stupid.

i swear the best is yet to come, i'll blow you all away
not like those puss-ass boston fucks, i mean in the good way
Track Name: Potato Hate Explosion - Good Day for a Good Day

Today is gonna be a great day

You wanna focus on the bad? Go ahead
Gonna try to bring me down? Good fucking luck
Think I'm gonna give up? Guess again
It's gonna be a kickass day and there's not a goddamn thing anyone can do or say about it
Might pet a dog and get some ice cream
Lay on a hill and stare at the clouds
It's a good day for a good day
A good day to do everything carefree and proud
Might go for a bike ride
Or stay inside until it's night
Let's have a blast because today is a
Good day for a good day

Dear adversity: go fuck yourself

I'm gonna have fun because why the hell not
If going stress-free isn't right then I wanna be wrong

All day every day, happiness endeavor
It might just be the best day ever

I'll never stop moving because potatoes aren't vegetables

Wake up fuckin' early and hang out with the sun
Of course I have to finish this line with "fun"
It happens by chance
But it's always a choice
To reset, recharge reload and have a blast
Just decide
It's a good day for a good day
Track Name: Shotgun Guy - Feline Domination
cats will run this universe
we will bow to their feline furs
cats as far as the eye can see
cats are civillians on the streets
they know the human weakness
how to beat us at our best
we might as well just submit
they're have us in a death clench

they are so cute and fluffy
way better than any puppy
we'll never resist their charm
even if they've got firearms

cats will rip us limb from limb
we bleed out slowly just for them
make sure that they have fresh water
and make sure that they have food

cats now rule the human race
we're all suckers for a cute face
they have won and
now it's over
Track Name: a cellophane jackal - eat shit and live forever
6 arms 6 dicks 6 swords:
this is my final form.
the smell of molding roses
won't wash from my clothes.

tell me you're not good enough.
it turns me on. it fucks me up.
it makes me cum.
how i love to cum.

fluids and promises have been spit out
but some sins can't be lived down.
the the thorns you left in my skin
begin to rot. we rot.


no trees will bear fruit today.
the irony isn't lost on me,
and i hope you remember it that way
when you're alone.

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